Missing the blogs

My running miles haven’t stopped recently; my ability to cram enough activity into each 24 hour period and include time for a blog, however, has.

My running has been going pretty well, though. Since my last update, three runs around Rye have been undertaken and one in Ashford. None have been long but all have produced something decent in the outing. The first Rye outing was a loop of all the flat loopy bits; reasonable pace, reasonably easy, reasonably fun. A heckle by two girls at the bus stop was unnecessary but generally, all went well. This was my first outing of the current season in my tights…and maybe that added to the heckling delight.

Outing two was Rye for an interval sprint; cut short by time and a pair of sore shins. Right where my fracture was on the right leg. Not badly sore (on the scale of injury I use!) but enough to encourage caution.

The Ashford jog was intended to be a 6 mile outing but I got involved in my dining room repairs a bit deeper than I thought and, again, time was pushed so despite going out thinking I’d do the 6, I messed up the route by thinking about the house instead of the run and, a few wrong turns later I didn’t have the heart to turn away from home for a poxy loop, so sprinted home at just over 4 miles. But the pace was perky and effortless, the sprint was good, the legs showed signs of spring and health and all felt right.

Then I ran out of energy to do my weights on Sunday, so decided to do them on Monday…which put the run off to Tuesday, meaning I got blown backwards as well as drowned in the rain, also meaning I was meant to run tonight but having been soaked at work for 3 hours until I could get changed and it raining all evening, I’ve slacked off.

The Tuesday run was going to be intervals at target 10k pace. A plan of half mile warm-up then a mile at pace, a slow mile, then another at pace until 6 were done including a half mile cool-down, was mainly scuppered by the weather. A gale was truly in effect, so despite the first 1.5 miles going to plan, I had neither energy nor strength to keep a steady pace with the wind pummelling me. The added frustration of the rain increasing to such a degree that the Garmin went all trippy until I locked the bezel (my major gripe of the touch-sensitive design), making re-setting the interval targets impossible, just rounded things off. The mile at 6.27 average was the end of me and I cruised the rest of the run…I’ll try the effort again when feeling a bit more motivated.

Things are good, though. Janathon must be considered soon, as well as present buying and preparation for a trip to France. And buying the floor and laying it before too long. And finishing the dining room. And getting rid of the pub carpet in the bedroom.

Hey, ho.

12.89 miles too far.


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