Obey the Yelling

I missed my run on Thursday owing to a wind that made walking a challenge and rain that covered my glasses between the site office and the toilet door, let alone over the course of a 4 mile outing.

Friday was plan “b” but the need to do a day at work in a reduced time to allow minutes enough to get home and changed for what turned out to be an absolutely tragic christmas works outing left too few seconds to pop out for a plod. So I’m a few miles down for the week. As well as hungrier than usual (Christmas catering leaving you starving? Quite a feat. Came home early [back shortly after 11pm] and had a few calories as well as extra breakfast but still catching up. Rub. Bish. At least it steals my resolve to never attend another works outing at this time of year [I’ve avoided them successfully since 1995; why I crumbled and attended this one is anybody’s guess. It won’t be repeated]).

And a heavy frost this morning made heading out of the door for a jog a thing to be avoided, I felt, so I did.

But after shopping and decorating, 5pm  meant time to get into mix and match running kit for an outing and Mr. Yelling and Audiofuel were to provide inspiration to keep me honest.

Mix and match running kit has reached new levels at this time of year. I wore Adidas trainers, Reebok socks, Puma tights, Adidas shorts (no budgie smuggling here), Nike top and a fleece outer layer by Everlast (£5 bargain and a perfect fit for the flippin’ cold evening outings). With Sony headphones completing the Cliff Richard look. In short, it’s a good job it was dark. Brand loyalty is completely missing; pretty it isn’t. Ah, well.

The intervals went ok. Not much better, I feel, but fine. A lot of looseness in my chest and a running nose didn’t help but ultimately, I’m getting progressively less fit. All the second series of intervals were slower than the first and also slower than the last time out. The only glowing light was the first 180 set being 3 minutes long and covering a smidgin over half a mile. Smidgin…never written that before. Nice. 1 smidging = a portion of a non-specific fraction. A tiny bit. Probably, in this case, about 3 steps. But when clutching at straws for positives from a run, anything is good! Unfortunately the second 180 set saw my paces shorten to result in 12 seconds per mile less performance; I kept to the pace count, merely travelled fewer metres. Bah. The oddest thing, I reflected having done it, though, was that I fell right into the brainwashed trap of a “Yelling disciple”. I caught myself after having shaken my arms out because the sage of motivation told me to. Good grief! It’s one thing trying to “run tall” as a 5 foot 6 and a quarter jogger…quite another doing something I’ve never ever done or felt the need to do before, simply because I’m told to!! Well done, Sean, well done Martin. Got me hook, line and sinker.

I wonder how slow I’ll be by the end of the winter? Time and runs will tell, I guess.

Tuesday’s run, by the way, was an outing to Rye hill to run up to the Top of the Hill pub and back down twice. The first up took 3 minutes dead (from tactile paving to car-park footpath join); the first down 2.58; the second up 2.57, so clearly I didn’t put lung burning effort into the first 0.37 mile interval and must try harder. Maybe next week I will. Or maybe not…

So onwards towards the shortest day we travel. An on towards Janathon we hurtle. Not sure on goals yet, but I’m thinking of something like an attempt to execute 300 “units” of exercise next year. I’ve got to bottom out what a unit will be yet if I am to go for it. (An outing? So if I cycle to work, since the effort is 16 miles each way seperated by 10 hours, it’ll count as two units? Or a day, so I’ll never get the house decorated or the garden done? I’m feeling the outings. But to a point…a cycle to somewhere local with a gap and a return would be one unit…similarly a cycle to the seaside broken to the return by only an ice cream would be similarly single in count. Maybe.) Janathon will count towards this.

33.75 miles too far, but at least my floor is ordered and decoration of the dining room continues moving forward.


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