Charlie Mouse

Somehow I think an unhealthy amusement may one day overtake my life. Until then, Lizzie will keep him in check.

I decided it was time to respond to fatigue in my legs with a bit of placebo medicine. I figured I could get a bit of added freshness by trusting my recovery to hocus. And, some would say, pocus. So last night I slipped on the very thing that bloggers the nation over were reviewing last summer. The accessory which we all tried out and all concluded that “it can’t be doing anything but I’ve run faster/recovered better/enjoyed easier miles”. And today I’ve felt turbo-charged.

Of course my Trion:Z isn’t assisting me, it’s the massage I did before bed. Of course my calves feel fresher despite the hill run, I kneaded them and stretched a bit. Of course I felt fresh enough to trot out easily at 7.10m/mile pace, I’ve rested.

Oh, balls. I think I’m going to keep my wrist band thing on forever and all will be well because, simply, as much as it can’t work, I feel good today. I only popped out for two miles and felt it would be a travesty to waste good energy so carried on for just over 3. It was a small day at work, admittedly (I only recorded 6600 steps on the pedometer), but something came over me. And after I’d washed up after dinner I did 25 minutes in the conservatory throwing various weighted bars around (despite JogBlog popping out, as is customary, to see me between reps and thus continue to believe I simply stand in the cold for no reason but to avoid talking to her).

But now I’ve blogged, I need sleep. So will retire and repeat the whole thing tomorrow. But maybe I’ll run less distance. And certainly won’t do weights…I’ve trees to reduce over the weekend and want a fresh upper body to assist chainsaw control up ladders and that.

145 runs, 98 exercises and 50 cycles to go.


One response to “Charlie Mouse

  1. Nothing like a good placebo when you’re feeling slightly off colour.

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