The same but backwards. And faster.

Last year I determined that I’d enjoy every run. This year I’m now 6 runs into Janathon and have trudged one run out while full of alcohol, enjoyed some sunshine, beaten out a familiar but dull plod, been for a hilly outing which raised spirits a touch and outed a satisfactory jog.

Today was to be somewhere middling-ish, miles wise, what with me being paranoid about injury if I go too far. But I fear too far won’t be my undoing. It’ll be too fast.

I opted for the same route as yesterday but in reverse and have been wondering if I should have taken my kit to work for some more hills, but instead opted to go for a similar pace to yesterday and see if I felt like a last mile kick.

And to hell with making me scared that increased jarring would break me. It’s what I want to do and I want to enjoy my running.

The first mile was a touch interrupted but came in at a warming time of 6.57. I consciously eased off for the second mile before clocking the Garmin at two miles and upping the pace again to something to make me breathe a bit more. Two diversions to avoid cars at junctions, a bit of bus chasing and a dodge to avoid an errant dog later and mile 3 came in at a reasonable 6.45 pace to create an average 7.04 for the run.

And plenty of freshness in the body but a minor creak forming in my right ankle and the shin which fractured during my marathon. But having gone over 20 miles in 6 days, having done very little mileage last month, I’m not too surprised. 10% increase per week to prevent injury? Oops.

All enjoyable, though. And a short cycle planned for tomorrow to start some other running free mileage interest.

144 runs, 98 exercises and 50 cycles to go.


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