Day of the Triffids?

Having had a late-ish night again I managed to get up reasonably early to carry out a bit of decorating (the dining room may well get done before 2043 but only if I knuckle down a bit harder than at present. Making a tidy job of keeping the aged features of a 260 year old structure while getting it clean, crisp (but not too crisp) and tidy takes about 3 million times longer than simply getting a clean box perfect, though, so if I’m to match the job I’ve done in the sitting room, hopefully it’ll be worth it), clean the car and do a bit of tidying up (living in the house while it’s being pulled apart and played with is a bit frustrating at times and a good tidy/purge/clean is required to maintain sanity) before heading out for a run to enjoy the sunshine.

Not sure how the legs felt as I left, but a slow steady recovery pace was dialled in and I headed on my favoured road on the way to Gill Lane with little intention of actually running along it. Instead I did a route which I bypass most of the time since it’s a bit flat and dull, but I fancied a bit of that today.

A slight Easterly air flow kept things cool while the sun encouraged a brighter mood. Around 2 miles in I realised I hadn’t seen anyone since a rugby ball throwing pair of teens near the house. Not a soul. No cars, cycles, nothing. I blanked out the bit over the bypass (easily done, surprsingly, after a little practice) so couldn’t recall whether things had been passing, but for a further mile I began to ponder the possibility that while we were enjoying a sociable pint with the locals, the world had been overcome by some cataclysm. That I was running in a futile gesture to fitness which would serve me no purpose if I couldn’t find a book to educate me in the art of oil refinery (I can grow basic crops, am sure I can create flour, so would be reasonably confident I wouldn’t starve, but if the petrol supplies deteriorated and I couldn’t fuel the bike, well…life would be tragically sad. And with no oil to create tarmac, when the plants overtook the roads how could I repair them? Concrete is such a harsh substance under the wheels and the manufacture of cement is dastardly to perfect efficiently…what a reliance on technology we have for our leisure pursuits!).

Thankfully it hadn’t. I merely needed to come upon a house with people viewing my horrendous running style to be reassured all will be fine for another day.

As will I, I hope.

6.5 miles outed, a final speedy halfmile to stretch the legs and see if the shins will blow and some hoover action later, I think I’ll be happy to do a shorter run tomorrow. I fancied 13 miles this weekend and was unsure if it would happen while hobbling around on Friday. 13.93 ticks all my boxes.

135 runs, 96 exercises and 47 cycles to go.


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