A new target

A comment to Fairweatherrunner yesterday regarding us shadowing each other on mileage during this daft undertaking that is Janathon brought a response including the mention of 150 miles. I had been looking towards my previous 126 miles from last year which saw me injured for over two months as a target, to be honest. Lots of forewarnings of injury have been niggling away, but since none of them have come to anything much and as I’ve had the opposite luck to last year with no colds or illness, it got me thinking about the possibility.

It got me thinking about it so much that as I was painting the dining room this morning I was idly considering how many miles I could “not do” this week and still allow myself to achieve the target. I don’t know if I’ve another decent long run in me for next weekend, I hope I’ve two 5 mile evenings of energy for the week, so using last week as a gauge I reckon I’ll be three miles down on a 5 per evening average. And I’ve managed at least 12 miles each weekend, so maybe it is achievable.

That’s one of the best things about the Janathon/Juneathon event. Ideas get aired, inspiration gained and goalposts moved. If I go for 150, it’ll be twice my initial target. If I achieve it injury free, happiness will be mine. Since I’ve also been doing my hills and the occasional quick mile, maybe I won’t struggle too much to find a decent pace again.

But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. One outing at a time. After all, my legs are hardly what you’d call fresh.

After an outing in the local pub last night saw a huge cross-section of the population represented (including two bikers who may have re-ignited the Isle of Man spark. Just maybe. 1994 and my last visit is a long time ago, after all) I set off wondering just how odd everyone else sees me. After all, an ageing man in need of a haircut wearing tights and chasing shadows in a running challenge isn’t the stereotypical building site manager, I wouldn’t imagine, but somehow it seems normal. One thing I do bring home from work, though, is a knowledge that with the best will in the world, all programmes and schedules are optimistic. So as I headed out I knew if I didn’t put in a fair run, 150 miles would be over before it had started.

So instead of heading to Gill lane and my favourite road I detoured around a mile loop to trick my legs into not realising how far they’d gone, instead of trying to convince them to do it at the end.

That done, I took the more twisty road towards the owl sanctuary, plodded over Gill Lane itself then decided the straight boring bit I avoided on the way out could also be avoided on the way back with a small jink which would also see me “tacking” into the wind instead of facing it head on. Easily tricked, my legs.

So it came to pass that a pedalcycle was a pace target and mile 6 was outed in seven and a half minutes with the smooth feeling running through my legs that keeping a decent tempo seems to provide. It seems to be fear that is slowing me down. Oh, and sore shins.

A decent feeling run ended totalling 7.48 miles which gives me scope for some shorter outings in the week. 9 runs to go and it feels as though my limbs will make it. Everything’s crossed, but if I don’t do anything silly then hopefully it’ll all be good.

The only pain is that I’m so tired I’m going to have to do some catching up on my weights sessions when running gets back to normal to have any chance of feeling good in a t-shirt as the summer nears. But then if Janathon goes well, maybe it’ll be the spur I need for an excellent year.

It’s started out well.

128 runs, 96 exercises and 47 cycles to go (a short trip to the farm shop on the bike doesn’t count as one of my rides, even if the mileage is added to RunningFree. My rules, I’ll stick to them!)


4 responses to “A new target

  1. You’re not odd Sean, either that or we’re all odd?! I’m glad you’ve got a challenge by way of mileage… mine is just to finish. And you didn’t mention a chance of injury before I started! I will have to use your tactic of tricking my legs into thinking they are not running! Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Oh Help…what have I started!
    And I noticed you grabbed a head start today.

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