Just about

I was on the brink of not heading out at all today but the lure of Janathon defeat got me there in the end. The same lure that returned me to my blogging at lunchtime for yesterday. The 24 hour rule for the blog of an exercise might have been stretched to the limit yesterday but I probably shouldn’t be doing this at all, to be fair. Still, it’s comforting for me, so I’ll continue while I can.

Unfortunately the sombre mood that saw me steadily plodding through my paces took a turn for the painful 5 miles in when multiple arcs of pain through my right calf stopped me in my tracks. No idea why; I was warm and rolling cleanly through the paces at 8 minute miles, on the flat with neutral camber. Just something else to wonder about, I guess.

Massaged and strapped as I am for the evening, hopefully I’ll be ok for a short plod at least tomorrow. The knot in the muscle won’t ease with a massage, ibuprofen hasn’t made it any more free yet but I can flex it in the strapping and no pain increases so hopefully a good night will see it somewhere.

9.5 more miles in three days isn’t too much to ask having gone over 140 already, is it?


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