Monthly Archives: February 2012

A mixed week

Something is still grumbling in my legs as a result of Janathon. My left shin hurts most of the time but on occasion, all is well – bizarrely, I was sprinting on the spot yesterday afternoon on site in my rigger boots (long story…needless to say I need to grow up) and when finished my leg felt perfect – almost superb, in fact. Which encourages me that my new trainers will sort things out over time as long as I don’t do anything daft for a while.

Monday saw me jogging with Spencer from work. He’ll come along very nicely if he keeps his focus on steady runs and improvement – considering the hills, his pace is very encouraging. Less so were my legs which went all odd – my right hamstring tightened and my left shin and calf were all over the place which simply shouldn’t happen. Makes me think I’m probably carrying something odd in my gait so niggles are developing from these. Didn’t stop me doing the hill in a new pb of 2.48, though, which pleased me.

Thursday was odd, however. I opted to use the rowing machine on Wednesday instead of heading out into a cold, strong wind with added drizzle. A good idea for the weather, Thursday was shorts-warm and bright. But I fiddled with my Garmin in a attempt to pace myself for an interval and it went haywire. The splits around the error look ok and the virtual partner was pulling me along for about 0.8 miles at 6.05 pace but as I turned around at the end of a road I noticed my timer had stopped. No beeping or input, just a steady time of 12.51 showing; it seemes to have auto stopped or something at 1.89 miles and not re-started. Punching the virtual partner screen and pausing my running for a second re-started it but I lost a section of run (the trace shows an infill line between the hairpin and the re-start) and the average pace shows at 10.54 for that quarter mile. And I only paused for 5 or so seconds to sort it out! So I’ve no base for monitoring how quickly I’m losing performance yet. I’ll have another go next week. The nice bit of the run is that despite a mile sprint the rest of the outing was ok. Legs felt tired but so they should, the last hill was a little slower but that’s fine by me, too.

Today has seen me use my favourite loop of Gill Lane for a 7 mile outing. My shin has a steady dull ache now despite a slow pace. It shouldn’t be sore after 7 miles, but there you go. I’ll keep monitoring it.

The rest of the week has also seen two weights sessions and the brief row, so I can tick off 6 exercise units for the last 6 days…little wonder I fell asleep in the chair last night, I guess. The year should be coming along nicely. In truth it probably is. But in the back of my mind I’m wondering why I’m getting progressively slower.

113 runs, 91 exercises and 45 cycles to go.


Since Janathon I’ve had a nice rest to allow my legs to come back from the brink of injury, have subsequently enjoyed some nice runs, have been exercising with the weights as well as doing plenty of sit-ups and press-ups and all without the tyranny of blogging to upset the enjoyment.

It’s only just occurred to me what has been so nice about the outings and tonight, trying to get the data from my Garmin onto my ageing computer, I have realised that I’m much more satisfied knowing I’m doing ok without worrying whether I must let the world know about it in finer detail.

I like blogging. I like my Garmin and the ability to see how my fitness is progressing. But sometimes a break is good. Just as a break in the actual exercise part (albeit only two weeks as it has been) reminds me what I love.

I shall resist the urge to allow my analysis to overshadow my enjoyment of the exercise. If I can’t be arsed to blog, I won’t. If I don’t update my profiles, so be it.

Still got 116 runs, 93 weights sessions and 47 cycles to go, though.