Daily Archives: February 17, 2012


Since Janathon I’ve had a nice rest to allow my legs to come back from the brink of injury, have subsequently enjoyed some nice runs, have been exercising with the weights as well as doing plenty of sit-ups and press-ups and all without the tyranny of blogging to upset the enjoyment.

It’s only just occurred to me what has been so nice about the outings and tonight, trying to get the data from my Garmin onto my ageing computer, I have realised that I’m much more satisfied knowing I’m doing ok without worrying whether I must let the world know about it in finer detail.

I like blogging. I like my Garmin and the ability to see how my fitness is progressing. But sometimes a break is good. Just as a break in the actual exercise part (albeit only two weeks as it has been) reminds me what I love.

I shall resist the urge to allow my analysis to overshadow my enjoyment of the exercise. If I can’t be arsed to blog, I won’t. If I don’t update my profiles, so be it.

Still got 116 runs, 93 weights sessions and 47 cycles to go, though.