Daily Archives: April 15, 2012

A little test

Since my last outing I’ve mostly been on holiday.

Not a holiday away or anything exotic like that, merely a break from work to allow me to install a new dining room floor, upgrade (temporary style) the bedroom floor and carry out loads of gardening which has had little visual impact at all.

But the change has been nice. Only my leg hasn’t been perfect.

I decided that each day I had pain from it I’d stay away from running. It’s not been really bad, but only in a “not getting much worse” way. Which won’t allow me to pursue any goals for the year if I fear it’s going to hold me back.

So days have passed. Cycles have been used and fitness roughly maintained (endurance will doubtless be pathetic, but tough!) but leg healing has progressed.

I considered a run yesterday but again postponed it until this morning. A roundabout trip to the local farm shop created a 3.5 mile target route to be carried out sensibly slowly. I started off a bit quicker than planned but addressed this as I went along, got home and have tried something different. Bearing in mind everything else seems to be letting me down I tried icing my leg as soon as I had cooled down. An old gel bag thing held onto the shin, calf and anywhere I thought it might assist, basically.

And so far all seems good. I don’t know if the ice has helped, not being in pain before I applied it, but hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow and feel like I want to run again. In which case I might. Short, gentle, flat, non taxing runs for a few outings to assess if I’m ok to kill myself again.

Looking forward to it. If not the return to work tomorrow.