Friday wasn’t meant for running

The day at work started positively in as much as my new assistant had the day off so I was able to look forward to 10 productive hours without having to bite my lip to prevent me sacking the fuckwit.

Following the success of a weekend with two runs and no pain last week I popped out on Tuesday for my hill session but only after a close call with the weather. I wasn’t going to head out, what with the new site being heat, power and facility-less at the moment and the wind and rain making me less than positive in outlook. But a 4.30 turnaround in conditions (to lovely, warm sunshine, albeit with wind but knowing my route would be as sheltered as it’s possible to get outside) and some encouragement from my groundworker made me head away for a jog. Or more accurately an easy sprint down the hill from site followed by a laboured crawl back up to it. 4.2 miles, pretty much 2.1 miles downhill and 2.1 up. Including the bit up Castle Hill past the waterworks which is now shut to vehicles and smacks of dogging venue/murder scene if ever anywhere did.

Good for getting the thighs burning and the lungs bursting from the chest, though.

But a plan to run last night was scuppered by my desire to do a bit to the roof of the conservatory. And tomorrow has become a bit of a heavily loaded day. And I didn’t want to leave the run until Sunday in case I drink enough tomorrow night to make me feel rough and want to execute a shorter run again. And I fancied a run before I left work. And Cathy wasn’t hungry when I got in from work, so everything was aligned to allow a plod this evening.

Heading out from the house with the intention of 8 miles after a day at work wasn’t on my list of targets as I awoke 12 hours earlier, it must be said. And my legs felt badly weary. The first mile was pure slog just to get myself going despite the motivation of an hour previous.

The fact that it was sunny, warm, bright and only mildly breezy helped no end and by mile two I was feeling fresh and happy. Plenty of traffic heading home after the week was apparent even on the lanes to begin, but when I headed up Gill Lane, everything came together. 4 miles in, not a chance of any traffic, legs feeling fresh, fully warmed up and happy in the knowledge that even the shortest shortcut home would see me over 6.5 miles made my legs sing happily. I maintained a steady, slow, even pace and was happy that the initial lethargy was purely in the head.

Each footfall felt great. I don’t know how much I’ll gain from the run since I didn’t push anywhere to tax my lungs or legs, but as pleasant outings go in the quest to cheer the soul, this ranks as one of my happiest runs.

Returning home to a quick stretch and a quick ice of my lower limbs rounded things out, so now I’m ready for the weekend. Next run will probably be hills on Monday again. And I’m looking forward to it already.

96 runs, 71 exercises and 38 cycles to go.

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