A day late

I had a lovely plan to get up and run on Saturday morning. But plans don’t always work. And my right leg decided that a nasty pain was going to appear in the middle of the right shin on the inner side that wasn’t attributable to anything except overuse so I decided to under use it.

Or, put another way (and in a spin style of avoiding missing a run!) I opted for a 15 mile cycle on Saturday followed by a 10 mile ride Sunday with a little off-road thrown in as practice for the upcoming weekend and a trip to Wales to pedal around a forest on Friday before being ferried up a mountain before bombing back down on the Sunday. My downhilling skills are rusty. I need any time on the bike I can muster!

Tuesday and Thursday’s runs went well, though. I dodged the showers both days (hid under a tree on Tuesday at one point, mind) and the hills hurt before the sprints really hurt. The sprints included an assault on the straight route into Etchinghill which took me down a nastily steep hill during my “fast” mile. 0.4 miles of down was swiftly followed by the same back up and I think the down is what did for my shin. Trying to keep up a pace to make my chest hurt wasn’t happening…until the up, the result of which was an average “fast” mile pace a lot slower than many flat average miles. Gordon Bennet, I may as well retire. The good news is the comparable miles to last week (yep…the miles I wasn’t going to compare for a month!) were a shade quicker. But I’m talking tiny percentages, so I’ll call it quits.

Anyhow, the cycling helped my legs well enough to encourage another hilly session today. And with a new pair of trainers to abuse, I was dead keen to have a go.

I thought I bought a pair of Brooks on Friday night but I didn’t. (I merely said to the assistant I thought I was running like a special child and was experiencing odd wear in my trainers. Could I try some supporting shoes, please. He said why yes, of course, I’ll bring some out. I tried three pairs (Adidas which felt a touch narrow and high on the instep, New Balance which felt odd in the toe box and the ones I got which turned out to be Mizuno). When i popped the Mizuno Wave Inspire 7’s on they felt responsive enough in the forefoot to suit my style but comfortable everywhere else. When I proposed a jog on his treadmill and he agreed to let me it was evident they provided me a neutral enough gait, so I purchased them). It was only upon telling Facebook that I’d bought some Brooks and then looking for the model afterwards that I realised my error. Ah, well…blind purchasing and no brand favouritism must mean the best choice on the day, no?!

Reports of high ankle fit and such were backed up during my outing by me being aware they are higher than most previous shoes but by heck…I’ve never run in anything so utterly comfortable. Every other shoe that’s been so plush has rubbed or left a blister or sucked all my speed out. These seem to have removed a bit of speed but I don’t mind that if the comfort continues. They feel like I could plod to the moon. No rubbing, no movement, no overheating, nothing but a shoe doing a fine job. I’ll attempt to avoid moonshot mileage next month during Juneathon but if I can’t reign myself in, at least I’ll truly find out if they’re still as good for double digit distance runs. I hope so.

But I’m going to attempt to reign in silly mileage in order to maintain my injury free running enjoyment and hopes to regain some of my missing velocity. The same hill/sprint/longer slower run regime will be adopted…with a little extra for the month and lots more cycling, of course!

Assuming I don’t wrap myself too hard around the Welsh countryside first.


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