Bit of a jog

Yesterday seeing the end of Juneathon, I decided mid-way through the month that I’d pop out for a jog no matter how much grief my ribs gave me.

As a brief catch-up, having broken some of my chest cage on the mountainbike in collision with a fence over the last weekend of April, after two weeks the pain was such that a doctor visit created inquisitiveness that I might have displaced my liver. A week later an abdominal scan revealed that nothing seemed amiss and the last two weeks have seen gradual improvement in ability to breathe and generally move around more freely.

Still struggling with anything that tenses my abdomen (getting out of bed is the worst) and not being able to take a deep breath without stabs of pain, any outing was going to be slow and steady. I still have horrible stomach ache for around half an hour each morning as my insides realign from being prone for a couple of hours but things get better from there.

So yesterday I did indeed run.

A slow half mile to start, settled breathing allowed me to create the largest of my short loops in my head and so it went on. Deep breaths hurt lots, so were avoided with pace kept to ensure no pain. The nicest feeling was my legs not hurting as the run progressed. Unable to stretch them properly over the past 5 weeks, I feared they’d tighten immediately but they felt simply superb; even now on the following morning they want to go out again.

And the nicest bit is knowing that having one small run under my belt, I can do more to maintain some sort of ability as the healing continues (about 3 more weeks is likely, apparently).

Monday’s outing is already planned.

4 responses to “Bit of a jog

  1. Good job! Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey…

  2. Healed legs is a nice silver lining to your gruesome rib injuries.

  3. Yay! Glad to hear that all is getting better.

  4. fairweatherrunner

    Yay! Hope it is only a matter of weeks before you are back running.

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