The past week has seen me almost achieve target runs and I’m pretty glad about it.

I was going to run on Monday but heavy rain made my general outlook pretty bloody low which, combined with flooded country lanes around site and little desire to go for another late outing, made me carry out my “if I’m not going to enjoy it I won’t do it” promise to myself and not go out. Tuesday instead saw me trying a new road away from site in the hope it’d turn out to be around 5 miles of pleasantness.

Because I’m working with a bunch of fuck-tards at the moment and I still haven’t got a phone line despite having been set up on site for 4 months (got no power either but that’s another story) and because I haven’t got enough time or desire to play on the computer each evening, my aerial mapping knowledge of my site is poor. Hence I didn’t know where exactly I’d end up, despite having a passing knowledge of the lanes from my youth cycling around them during the school holidays.

So I opted for an out and back route. Which now I view it on satellite makes the perfect link to a loop if only I’d turned another left and followed my nose. Next week I’ll do just that.

Being the next incremental distance increase, as expected, my legs hurt a bit. So Thursday saw me shorten my mileage slightly from plan but complete another small first-time loop which ended out at 3.75 miles. The best bit, though, was that despite running down a steep hill for just over half a mile I never seemed to climb back up the other side. So despite the issue of my calves hurting each step, they never had the opportunity to scream.

Very nice.

So today saw me head out for an unusual morning run on my favourite Gill Lane loop in the beating morning sunshine. Yep, sun. Whatever next? Summer, hopefully…

It was warm but I wore my relatively untested Under Armour shirt to see if it helped and I reckon it jolly well did. I couldn’t tell a difference on my back between running in direct sunshine (it was around 11 o’clock when I was out) and the shade of the trees. Getting home I was delighted at the lightness of the top as I stripped it off and realised that, while I’d clearly made it wet, it was excellent at wicking the moisture away from my skin. Very good.

And my legs feel fresher now than they did before I left for the outing. And it’s my longest run so far in my Mizuno trainers that have been universally caned by everyone I’ve seen a review from. And they performed amazingly, too – not even a hint of contemplation regarding what’s on my feet can only be a good thing, I reckon.

Happy running and gradual improvement? How many days until the wheels fall off, I wonder? Ah, that’ll be soon when I attempt some intervals, I guess.


One response to “Improvement?

  1. Sounds like you’re going well…

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