Monthly Archives: August 2012

Infrequent blogger. Must try harder.

My efforts to get beyond recovery from my chest injury have paid reasonable dividends and July saw a bounce back to reasonable mileage over the month which was again scuppered right at the end by a cold assaulting chest, lungs and head.

Still putting up with an irritating cough now, the pesky annoyance has been joined by sudden warmth which makes me want to do nothing (well ok, it’s an excuse to blog!) in the way of effort.

Overall, though, reasonable fitness has returned. I’ve managed a few hill runs, a couple of interval runs which have been a touch lack-lustre (coinciding as they have with hot evenings when running is already low on the list of enjoyable past-times!) and disappointing and many flat, just getting my legs used to some distance over a month efforts which have been the most enjoyable.

Pace has varied, comfort during the effort has varied and consistency hopefully will be the next to return.

I’ve built distance back to a planned 8 miles which was shortened in the heat this morning to 5.4 after which I simply lost fluid like a colander which I am now struggling to replace. Much as I prefer running in the warmth, this is ridiculous!

Fingers crossed for a settled week and more blog updates.