Once again getting there

But where?

Mainly back where I started, only now the pace is occasionally a trifle quicker.

I’ve been dodging the worst of the wet weather on my forays into running improvement having only got properly wet once. Had to decide on a location change a couple of times (It amazes me the difference 14 miles and being at the foot of the North Downs instead of on top of them makes, but two dry runs have come my way as a result) but I’ll not grumble too much.

The style of run has been for longer or harder outings. The mid-week runs have been hard. I messed up this Tuesday in that I realised when I got home I hadn’t pushed as hard as I might have but my lungs over-ruled my brain and I settled for a hard pace instead of a ruinous one. Last Saturday was one of my favourite outings yet. 10 miles to Mersham and back, predominantly flat, all reasonably even-paced, the odd and nice bit being my superb energy at 8 miles. I felt superb and had to ease my pace to make sure my calf (which felt sore through to 3 miles) wasn’t overly strained.

And tonight’s run was again excellent. I wasn’t sure whether to do intervals or try a longer burst of more evenly spread effort. The first half mile was easy in both pace and effort but I didn’t think I had a lung bursting run in me, so opted for a longer duration pace. The undulating route seemed to fly past as I enjoyed a rare sun drenched evening and I felt fine as I turned for the car and tried to maintain pace. Which I managed and enjoyed.

The first outing for ages with a pace I’m happy with and is consistent.

The only sad bit is that I’m only now back to where I was at the end of May when I broke my ribs.

Ah, well. I’ve accepted that my time at the Great South Run will be a few minutes worse than I was hoping for earlier in the year, I’ll just hope for a pleasant run and hopefully enjoy the surroundings now instead of possibly exploding in my efforts to feel quick!

Happy running as the autumn closes in.

Things could be worse.


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