A training goal looms

And as it does, a gert big hiccup occurs in my training schedule.

Since my injured legs started recovering from Janathon I’ve had half an eye on this, the later part of the year, and achieving some longer term goals. I was planning a several pronged assault on a 10k, a half marathon and finally a run around a race that JogBlog has been looking towards since the earlier part of the year. That race was the Bupa Great South Run.

I’m sure many of you know about it; it’s big (25 odd thousand entries), fast (proper athletes like Olympic Gold Medal winners have a go and complete it in under 50 minutes – that sort of fast) and hopefully fun. I’ll find out in a few weeks. For worriers, people  who like to enjoy an event build up and the like an active series of media links exist, two being the Facebook running page and Twitter. Not sure which category I fit but I don’t Twit so it’s fb for me!

So my hiccup in training is this week. I should be at the peak of my training but I got involved in a slow jog with two joggers from work last night (3.5 miles at slow pace instead of 4.5 miles of hilly sprints) and tomorrow, I’ve only just come to realise, I have a complicated car service/work commute and return home along with a dinner out at an earlier than usual time so JB can review a restaurant in her other identity. I might not get a run at all instead f the 5 miles of intervals (on undulating roads) that I targetted. And with 11 miles planned for Saturday, putting it off until Friday isn’t sensible. Nor running again tonight. Nor running Sunday to allow a Friday jog since I won’t recover for next Tuesday’s hilly plan. It seems so complicated. And I haven’t even mentioned my fear that I’ll be held in a slow group from the start and not be able to run freely at my own target pace. Or that my target pace is 30 seconds slower than I wanted following my broken ribs in through June putting my fitness back a few notches.

So many fears, one small (in the scheme of things) event.

But I won’t be tempted into injury. Better to underprepare and enjoy it than blow out before the run even starts. I’ve put the big preparation in, I’m sure this week won’t ruin me. Just wish it was planned as a cut-back, not planned as a peak!

Patience. And then hopefully a fun run as a round up to a frustrated year of injuries (again!) and some good jogging outings. Yes. Forget target times; enjoy the run.


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