Ailing. A bit.

Why am I, once again, suffering under a cloud of less than ideal health?

Fot the past three weeks I’ve had a succession of builders coming into the office moaning about how ill they are only for them to decide two days later that they’re too ill to continue and have a couple of days off. Then to return and come in to announce that while they’re still ill they’ll happily spread their contagion.

Well, on Wednesday, my immune system decided someone had just the ideal strain to accept into my body and now I have a cold. I’ve been fighting it with inordinate quantities of vitamin C and raw onions and so far I’m carrying a running/occasionally blocked nose, a sore throat (two days worth so far and counting) and permanently sore eyes.

Hopefully I’ll kick enough of it over the course of today to put in a slow jog tomorrow to end my Great South Run training before a gentle jog on Wednesday before the race. Not the final prep I wanted and if the cold lingers (in fact, even if it doesn’t if recovery is as usual and I’m a touch slow for a couple of weeks, struggling to get air in fully) I’ll surely be a bit slower than even my revised target time, but hopefully not a disaster.

In fact, I guess a positive spin would be that at least I’ve something to add to the excellent Facebook page rather than simply lurking, looking at other people posting their info! I’ll add that there’s to be a Q&A session on Friday 26th…I’ll be seeking advice on running with the cold before this, but it will be fun to take part. I still don’t know what happens on Twitter…JogBlog uses this and I fear what she might be saying about me so I guess it’s simply better not to know!

I guess I knew something was amiss on Tuesday. Finishing work late, I got to the car and changed into my running kit and waited for my Garmin to get a signal. This took longer than usual and, frustrated by the day as I was, I simply got in the car and drove home. Couldn’t raise myself for an outing at all. This was remedied by a hills outing on Wednesday when I realised my eyes and throat were sore and this wasn’t too bad a jog, to be fair, but I am now at least a run down. The run I was going to use to swap shoes for my hoped for race trainers rather than my slow training shoes.

I’ll update on the rest of the weekend as time goes by. Fingers crossed for a decent run in and positive weather on the day.


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