Daily Archives: January 1, 2013

Janathon and a steady start? Very poor!

I must be getting older if today’s effort indicates age being linked to sense.

An evening in the pub (well, restaurant then pub) to welcome 2013 is never the best way to wake up ready for a jog, but it’s inevitable for Janathon so why break tradition? I like to think if it as welcoming 2013, anyway. Lots of folk seem glad to say good riddance to 2012 but let’s be positive for a change, eh?

Yesterday afternoon saw a cold developing in my chest. The result was an inability to drink too much, so I awoke reasonably well and headed out to the vegetable plot to turn it over and add compost, this being my idea of a warm-up to see how my body was doing.

And since it wasn’t too bad I popped out after lunch to enjoy the sunshine with a trot around the local lanes to clock in a steady, slow 6 miles, my aim being to avoid stressing my right calf which has been tight for weeks and is making me wonder if my achilles is playing up as well as enabling me to breathe slowly and avoid aggravating my chest. Whatever is amiss (breathing and calf-related), today’s pace (7.49 average mins/mile) was good to it and I feel good and fresh.

Bloody good job, what with another 30 runs ahead of me.

JB┬áhadn’t been out by the time I got back, either, so after a quick cup of tea I joined her for a brief pedal to the shop via a little detour to shake out my legs and start the cycling page off, too. 2 miles is negligable but better than nothing. Shame the Garmin played up while stopped, so the average pace shows as 3mph. It was a little faster than that, honest!

So Janathon 1/31 complete. Work tomorrow so things will get trickier. And more tired. I need sleep already…

Oh, and a rain gauge for Christmas (haven’t taken reading since the last one broke as I moved to Ashford) allows more fun. 9.5mm between 16.30 last night and 10.00 this morning. When I remember I’ll update that on here, too.