Daily Archives: January 4, 2013

Ah, the predictable Janathon cold

Well, it’s been hovering around in my system since New Years Eve and, finally and fully, it has landed. Blocked nose, cough, sore eyes, JogBlog┬ápre-moaning that if I give it to her I’ll be doomed. All the symptoms that would normally mean rest.

But again, after a few hours at work (ok, 8) I decided to see how far I’d get with a gentle plod.

The biggest worry was that during those 8 hours I’d managed to properly clout my knee on a roof truss before deciding the office was too far from the fence I needed to measure the boundary from. This decision resulted in not getting a spanner to open the fence but instead climbing over it (yep…straight out of the responsible site-manager’s handbook, that one!). All 8 foot of anti-climb panel. Which was fine. But getting back over resulted in a little slip which clouted my ribs (broken last May) which I thought were perfectly healed but might not be. Breathing once again hurts. Not wincing can’t breathe hurt but just enough to stop the deepest air intake from happening. Maybe the cold is a blessing – I can’t really draw in enough air to hurt without coughing. Which is┬ámore painful still.

One day I’ll grow up, become responsible and start to look after myself. Until then I’ll have fun.

So I plodded away from site, shins now sore to match my calves, with a sore knee, a head full of cold and spirits not really lifted for a full run.

But the first 1.5 miles went well. The next half wasn’t quite as good but I somehow turned the corner and committed to my 6 mile route. Steep downhill was followed by steep up. Followed by rolling through the Downs as they swept me back to Paddlesworth from Etchinghill and gradually back to site.

A workmanlike run, much like this blog. Hopefully I’ll be a bit more joyous tomorrow.

No rain again. Lovely.