Stretching the elastic. Janathon day 8.

The morning at work commenced with my labourer poking his head (unfortunately still attached to his body) around the door of the office with the breezy announcement “I don’t know how long I’ll last – my wife’s been sick for two days and I’ve already vomited twice this morning”.

My response of “I do. Goodbye. No, really. Fuck off home before you pass it on to me and the rest of site. No, really. Fuck off. And stay fucked off until you’re better.”

About a minute later the forklift driver had the pleasure of seeing him being sick by his truck.

Why? Why did he bother? Why did he try? He hasn’t been in on time for the three months he’s been with me so it’s not as if he pretends to be keen. Grr. So fingers are crossed, door handles were washed (hmm, a smidge of paranoia there, perhaps!) and hopefully I’ll dodge it for another day.

After yesterday’s hilly outing this afternoon had me determined to find a more relaxing proposition for a jog. So I opted for a reversal of my route from Friday with a little nib tacked on to give me a breather for a few flat seconds after the steepest hill to allow me to enjoy the steady climb that followed.

It was almost a pleasure. The splits weren’t a struggle. I didn’t have to stride out the last mile to pull the average under 8 minutes per mile (despite telling myself the month distance is ruler over pace and injury I still won’t go over 8 minutes a mile average unless, like Saturday, I’m dying, or I attempt a daft distance. Which isn’t going to occur this year) as I did yesterday and the temperature was almost spring-like, as it was on Thursday.

Remarkable for Janathon.

So I have another un-remarkable 6 miler logged making it my marker for the month – I’ve little intention of doing fewer (6.06 miles is my minimum daily distance so far), next to no intention of more (6.70 my maximum) per day.  Even another challenge like that with fairweatherrunner last year would fail to change my resolve, I feel. I have a target which is to be injury free with as many miles as I can for the month and a promise to myself that more than 6 miles per run is unnecessary for enjoyable running. 10k seems the ideal distance. I may well keep to this for ever if I stay out of harm, I think!

Must go. Windows need making.



3 responses to “Stretching the elastic. Janathon day 8.

  1. Hope you don’t catch the lurgy! Good luck with maintaining the 10K a day.
    I thought about aiming for that but my sore ribs have stalled things. Think I’ll just try to match last years.

  2. Top marks for your rigorous infection control policy – don’t forget the importance of being 48 hours symptom free before a return to work!

  3. Why! Every workplace has at least one, but when I’m queen of the world, such people will be dealt with.

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