Daily Archives: January 9, 2013

Feeling a little weary – Janathon day 9

This’ll be blog number two, then.

A bad day resulting in a late run through underlit streets when uninspired and tired isn’t the best way to get through the 9th Janathon but I guess I have, if only to be struggling with this bit.

Hawkinge isn’t a good place to run at night, I’ve decided. Around houses and poorly lit streets is uninspiring as it gets, I’ve decided. Seeing two blokes in hi-vis with headlights and flashing lights on their tights as I was locking the gate after my outing made me wince, though – they were heading down one of my usual daylight routes – narrow lanes with very few passing places, difficult enough to guess where to jump up to escape a car at the best of times. I guess the idea is that there’ll be even fewer cars than normal. One might be too many to my mind though. Definitely a job for pairs, I guess.

Once home, a need to pop to the shop for some bread made me think for a second about a mile jog but sense prevailed and I opted for the bike. I now have the grand total of 3 Janathon cycling miles to add to my tally. Crikey. Three of them!

Still, I’ve had enough I’m afraid. Still got to empty the washing machine, make lunch and get to bed so I’m off. 6.5 miles was further than I thought I’d get and has stiffened my resolve to get out in the daylight again tomorrow to avoid dull town running. Failure might just drive me to the seafront for a plod along the prom.

Night all.