Daily Archives: January 10, 2013

Time is running out and Janathon day 10

With the month almost a third through, were it like my runs I’d be calculating the exact mileage against either known run distance or that measured on GmapsPedometer. It’s just something I love doing around third distance – work out how tired I feel, check I’ve no injuries, calculate time and speed without the Garmin telling me and tick off the hundredths of miles until the threshold has been passed.

By the time I’ve done that I’m usually well clear of the distance and pressing on for the half way stage without realising even if I am absolutely knackered and that I should turn around before I do myself some damage.

As it is, I’m merely getting annoyed that by the time I get home and eat and build the fire and wash up and log my runs (SportTracks and RunningFree in case one fails. Wish I’d kept up writing them down like in the good old days) and blog, I’ve run out of energy to pop into the garage and press on with the windows.

This evening’s frustration was the computer taking 10 minutes to get to the logging in screen (I know when I started – the chimes of doom that herald another suicidal journey to the East End (or at least a shitty tv set…it’s so lifelike, who’d know the difference?) were ringing out from the other room and I was desperate to drown them out with some aversion therapy instead of leaving this bit and potentially missing something decent. Guess I shouldn’t have bothered.) and everything being so slow that 26 minutes had passed before I even clicked onto WordPress to start the blog. And before anyone states the obvious “get the computer to multi-task – it can do more than one operation at once” (ok, it’ll only be the voices in my head say that, since my readers are only imaginary), it can’t. The Garmin won’t successfully transfer info while anything else is running; Sporttracks won’t upload if Runningfree is open and neither will it work the other way around. I resort to Freecell between clicks, the kettle (placed on the woodburner as I light it to save money on hot water for the washing up. Yep, I’m that tight) not having boiled yet so washing up not being an option. Those 26 minutes are equivalent to 3.29 miles at my overall Janathon running average speed (7.54 per mile). Despite the pain, I think I’d rather do that.

Today’s run was 6.6 miles at exactly that average speed. It was a new route consisting of known loops and wouldn’t have been so long if I hadn’t checked a few options before I left and thought as I approached 4 miles that I’d opted for the shorter one which would bring me up under 6 once back at work. I added a little return loop to kink the distance up, then realised my error about half a mile up the road. Silly boy, I’ll tack a bit on the end next time. It wasn’t a bad run but was absolutely filthy – I felt on the verge of cross-country at times despite all being on tarmac but that’s narrow lanes, overwidth vans using them and soft verges, I guess.

So I plod on towards one third distance. And much like a run, as soon as I contemplate the distance I’ll be beyond it. In days, at any rate. Fingers crossed we escape the worst of the weather – Hawkinge (being on top of the Downs, right above the sea at Folkestone) is always useless in inclement weather – I don’t want to have to divert to the seafront or the bypasses around home if it does turn out bad but don’t want to reduce distance either. Hopefully the BBC weather forecasters will predict barrages of snow, wind and freezing temeratures. Then at least we’ll be sure it’ll be a heatwave, the useless cunts.

Ah, well, we’ll see.