All in the mind – one third through Janathon

I struggled today.

Didn’t want to wake up, didn’t like cleaning up cat sick before leaving for work (found it amusing that today was the first day this year that JB has been fully awake and alert before I’ve left though…just to inform me of the vomit? Hmm, how nice!), didn’t like the amount of work on, didn’t feel at all like anything this morning, least of all running.

A hollow emptiness took over my soul. Drinking more than usual didn’t help. An extra sandwich at tea didn’t help. Hoping to get out for a morning run was abandoned by 9.30. Knowing I had an external inspection of 4 plots this afternoon meant an evening run was the only answer. Not wanting to tackle Hawkinge again I hatched a plan to plod along the seafront.

I wanted an early outing to allow recovery before my first ever parkrun tomorrow. I really don’t want to get up to get to a morning run, but I must. It’ll make a Janathon change, after all. I wanted an easy run to allow a sporting chance of a decent time tomorrow. The sea should provide that, I thought.

Sadly, my brain is weak. I ambled along at a steady enough pace but was so bored my last miles plodded into an almost walk. I didn’t feel weary as much as uninspired and lethargic. Considering I was elated at 4.30 to notice it was all but daylight still on site, the drop in spirits was sudden. Basically I wasn’t in the mood to look at a dark sea, busy traffic-filled roads (despite the promenade being free fo such hassles, of course) and cold air. No wind was nice, though.

Still, the last bit up Sandgate Hill was ok and a plod down the two nice roads in Folkestone reminded me what a town it might have been. Just a shame I need an injection of sunshine to cheer me into the spring.

I’m sure it won’t be far away.

So. Parkrun tomorrow (I know parkrun is without the capital “P” but after a full stop I can’t bear to write it as such. I dislike the branding and lower case bit in anything like this, it rubs me the wrong way like everything is too considered and protected. Will see how the experience bears up tomorrow) but at a slow pace (I’ve hatched a dream. I’m wondering if I can attempt a Janathon pace of 8 mins per mile, follow it up in a month or so with a 7 mins/mile average and then, in the spring, top it up to 6 mins/mile average – three runs perfectly framed around the pace. I wonder…) with either a lump tacked on or a second outing to bring me up to 6 miles. Probably a second outing to save JB waiting for me in the cold. But rest and drink and food first. If I’m this hungry on 10k a day, how can anyone fuel 20 miles per day?!


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