Daily Archives: January 15, 2013

Lack of fizz strikes again. Janathon rolls on

I seem to recall this time last year having a little crisis in energy. Or was that last week? Or yesterday?

The cold morning was a nasty affair and to be outside, the wind pulling all heat from any area not completely covered up, more nasty than that. The site meeting was almost a welcome distraction, to be honest. And with most of my trades hiding inside on any operation they could concoct, I wasn’t missing much. The sun showing through the late morning failed to encourage the thermometer above freezing though and a meeting this afternoon made me give up any hope of a daytime outing. Thus it was that a plan without the lanes was to be concocted.

The tiredness in my legs (and that’s throughout them, not in any one area. My achilles tendons are both tight. My calves are weary but don’t surprisingly feel ruined. I guess because I’ve slowed down so much. Which is probably why my achilles are tight if I’m heel-striking a touch. My shins are sore but manageable with massage. My thighs feel heavy and just want a rest. My hamstrings feel just…well, simply tired)  encouraged me to find another easy day but my mind didn’t want the seafront again. So I concocted an easy series of loops up and down flat roads to tick up some miles.

And that’s what I ended up with. None too long that I got bored (indeed I had a memory about virtually everything I passed on the route. 18 years growing up from 7 until I was 25 took me everywhere and up to something. Past my old school; past many, many schoolfriends houses; past the junction where I ran over two students while learning to drive; where I did my turn in the road on my driving test; along the route into town from home on which I still took the same road crossing place purely by instinct, a fact I only realised after I’d crossed. Up a road which I realised I’d actually been in to almost all the houses at one time or another for various birthday parties or similar occasions as I ticked off the front doors and the names of the people I knew once lived there.) but not so short that my plodding pace was endlessly disturbed. I didn’t have energy to accelerate too often.

I was slow but steady. And it’s another Janathon run done. One of those runs (the car thermometer was 2 degrees higher below the hills than on site, so it wasn’t too extremely cold even if 1 degree can’t be described as warm) that I wouldn’t have done without Janathon. One of them that I don’t think I actually benefitted from in the slightest (my breathing rate barely increased). One that made my little toe (rapidly getting sore now) wish for a break. One that probably brought me closer to injury if my leg soreness is a gauge. But a run. And one that brings me tantalisingly close to 100 miles. Which is some flipping landmark, I know.

So come on Janathon, lets see what your second half has in store. Half way through tomorrows run (however far that is…I’ll lay a bet on somewhere around 3.25 miles; I seem to have got 6.5 as the new default) I promise to stop dead in my tracks and celebrate with a most unnecessary air punch. Possibly two, one with each arm. But maybe not…my left handed air punches seem somehow lame and limp. But it will indeed be a nice feeling. If only for the hope of warmer weather somewhere in the future.