Daily Archives: January 16, 2013

Over the ton in Janathon

As promised, today involved a shuffling run with an added air punch.

Or 4.

I glimpsed my Garmin at 3.18 miles having been ignoring it pretty much all the run up until then – icy stretches of country lane demanded attention, stretches were just sheet ice across the road where I couldn’t even run in the gritty/muddy bit in the middle for grip. Well, I say muddy. It’s usually muddy. In the summer it was gritty and dusty for around 2 weeks. Since September it’s been soaking wet splashy mud. The first frosts around December brought thicker mud in to play. The freeze we’re currently in (the site thermometer didn’t rise above minus 2 today and was minus 3 when I finished my plod just after sunset) has seen it freeze hard to create field-like conditions. Made things slower, anyway.

My clothing for the day was a rather old, not at all designed for running fleece which is zipped which allows opening to control heat nicely but is by luck a superb fit. No movement from it at all and not too bulky, but warm enough to make me happy when the run starts. Worn over a t-shirt, it’s about ideal for 4 miles. Today’s 6 was stretching it as I overheated at the end but since I wasn’t up to full temperature until mile 3, that’s fine by me. The drawback is that the sleeves are long and tight and make Garmin watch a focused affair. Hence the glimpse at 3.18.

So sleeve rolled up I awaited 3.25 miles. And punched. Upwards in a really nasty Alan Shearer goal celebration way (without the swerve or baldness, I add. Or bonus cheque. Or mob of men trying to congratulate me a bit too enthusiastically). And felt so self-conscious, I had to check that indeed no-one was around. If they had been, I may now be a murderer. Can’t have witnesses, can we? But since there wasn’t, I repeated the gesture left handed. It felt so wrong, as I knew it would. Which lead to the two following punches, one left and one right in the style of an uppercut. Much more satisfying. The right even induced a hushed “Yesssss!” to know that I’m at least halfway there. Injury might yet put me waaaay over halfway but I’ll not know that unless it happens.

The rest of the run was uneventful. Plenty of little hills, two cars to pause for as I hugged the bank to avoid the risk of them skidding past me, a very sore nose from the cold air and a pathetically slow overall pace. But little increase in leg pain, so all things being equal I’m looking forward to the rest of the month. So long as proper amounts of snow stay away. And if they don’t, I wonder how far I’ll run in either my mountain boots or trail trainers.

Fingers crossed I don’t find out. Dull January would be a good Janathon, to be honest.