Daily Archives: January 23, 2013

Seriously worried about even finishing Janathon 2013 now…

My after run music (I might even make it a routine to listen to a bit as I cool off if I continue to run late in the afternoon and have an empty site when I return) tonight was a quick bit of The Vapors followed by a singular Blondie, wrapped up by about half an hour of The Ramones. No sedation needed.

My before run day consisted of lots of doubt regarding my battered legs. My right heel/ankle is better. Not as swollen, not too tender, it only played up at all during the day when it got properly cold so worry there is reducing. Which is lucky because my left leg is all over the place. The left knee now has a consistent sharp, stabbing pain directly under the kneecap which makes stairs a trouble as well as occasionally causing a wince as I sit at the computer. The best part of the day for it was setting out the manholes this morning when I set up a drawing area and repeatedly rolled up a trouser and knelt in the snow while checking dimensions (the ones I calculated last night). It remained painful but was, worryingly, joined increasingly over the course of the day by a sharp pain in the left calf right at the top where it disappears into the soft bit behing the knee. Stretching, massage – neither of these has any effect.

Starting the run I doubted I’d get a mile. At half a mile I was happy I’d at least got in a Janathon run. The cold water running down the lane again caused calf discomfort and immediately soaked through my trainers but at least everything else felt warmer and less painful. Plodding on I tried a new route, enjoyed leaping around instead of simply running true as I dodged icy patches and slush puddles (as all lanes, my ones are massively potholed, cambered and in a disgraceful state) and amazed myself to see 1.5 miles on the Garmin before I’d had another chance to check how bad I felt.

And as usual once warmed, I felt better. So I carried on out to my usual turnaround point, did a far-away loop (to increase the mileage a bit), ran for home and then did a little loop again when I was right by the car so I could collapse and at least get home rapidly.

It wasn’t needed.

What has now gone wrong, though, is that my knee pain (front and rear) has been beaten into second place by serious hurt right across the top of my right foot. As though I’ve dropped something onto it. But because it’s just bones, there doesn’t seem anything I can do to relieve the pain. I’m trying a stretchy bandage which has provided immediate relief so hopefully it’ll be better come the morning.

Fingers crossed or I might not yet make last year’s total…nah, come off it, last year I totalled 156 miles. I’ve got 150 now. I’ll just get out each day no matter how rotten things turn and do it. 186 might be beyond me if things don’t improve, though. It feels at last (I have, after all, been expecting things to go wrong!) as though proper risk of injury is on the horizon and I simply don’t want to be limping around. As soon as the snow’s gone and Janathon is over, I’ve got mountainbiking to improve and windows to finish as well as speed to recover.

What will the morning bring? Fingers crossed it’s not more pain.