The same but different. An odd anniversary. Janathon day 27

Today marks one year since mum died. Bollocks.

With nothing properly arranged (Dad’s been ill this week so didn’t know if he’d want to meet up or not) until 9 this morning, I intended popping over to Chevening to see her headstone whatever else occurred and after a call to say he’d make it with us, the day was set.

I headed out for a jog to see how my legs were holding up and the answer wasn’t great but was far from a disaster. The change of shoes yesterday makes me think I’ve hung onto the Mizunos for a couple of miles too long. Again I wasn’t sure what distance to aim for so went straight for my 4.5 mile route. Around 1.5 miles in a saw what looked like a hi-vis caterpiller bobbing up the road ahead. It turned out to be a group of girls in varying styles of green, yellow, pink and black out for a morning jog. Passing them to a comment of “that’s how we’re supposed to be doing it” illicited a response of “far from it, I’m ruined” and my mind was set on the shorter of my interesting loops.

I simply headed home and massaged my legs attempting to ease my sore tendons and muscles to allow another short plod as recovery this afternoon.

And that’s how it worked. The odd thing being a target of 1.5 miles this afternoon topped up to 2.5 miles to round a loop out, making a better overall day than anticipated.

4 days running to go and if I manage 6 miles a day I’ll get to 200. My running graph on RunningFreeOnline looks metronomic – the same distance day in, day out. Thankfully I’ve only repeated the same route 4 times maximum and most routes have been unique which shows (if nothing else) that living and working near countryside and lanes is good for variety with consistent distance available with little effort. But the way my legs are responding, 200 is no certainty. Thigh pain was the order today along with tight ankles. I will bottom out what’s making me sore – probably as soon as I rest on Friday.

11mm of rain last night. Trail running will have to wait a while yet.

2 responses to “The same but different. An odd anniversary. Janathon day 27

  1. My mum died 24 years ago and I think of her as much now as ever, even if the anniversary of her death has ceased to be significant. But as you say : Bollocks.
    Good luck and I hope you are not too ruined

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