Monthly Archives: February 2013


Yep, that’s me.

Since Janathon ended I’ve rested my niggles and think I’m almost un-injured. I have a sore left knee and upper shin still, a result of the scaffold board rolling onto my leg, but all else is just about clear. The end of the day sees my right foot hurting but no more than after the 5 miles I ran last Saturday.

Truth is, I’ve been meaning to go out twice this week and simply haven’t been able to convince myself to go. My will is currently my weakest bit…the Saturday outing was fun, fast and enjoyable. The thought of a cold outing after work isn’t doing it for me so I haven’t been.

Weights in the conservatory three times a week has been enough, I’m afraid, and the opportunity to catch up on house bits (garden, joinery and bits) has been great.

Holiday next week and I have an 8 mile running commute booked in around my bike MOT. Hopefully things will kick-start from there.