Yep, that’s me.

Since Janathon ended I’ve rested my niggles and think I’m almost un-injured. I have a sore left knee and upper shin still, a result of the scaffold board rolling onto my leg, but all else is just about clear. The end of the day sees my right foot hurting but no more than after the 5 miles I ran last Saturday.

Truth is, I’ve been meaning to go out twice this week and simply haven’t been able to convince myself to go. My will is currently my weakest bit…the Saturday outing was fun, fast and enjoyable. The thought of a cold outing after work isn’t doing it for me so I haven’t been.

Weights in the conservatory three times a week has been enough, I’m afraid, and the opportunity to catch up on house bits (garden, joinery and bits) has been great.

Holiday next week and I have an 8 mile running commute booked in around my bike MOT. Hopefully things will kick-start from there.


5 responses to “Slacking…

  1. Hi Shaun, love the blog!

    It’s certainly hard to get the motivation to go outside for a run when the weather is so cold! May I ask what your motivation was for starting the blog? I’ve found it a very entertaining read this afternoon 🙂

    Simply Supplements

    • My motivation for starting the blog? Gordon Bennett! Loads of things from wanting a record of progress (or otherwise!) to having another conduit to meeting people but, initially, to be able to take part in Juneathon when it was a small child of an event.
      Glad I’ve provided a small piece of entertainment…very small, I’m sure, but every little helps!

      • That’s great, thanks for your reply! 🙂

        I wondered, how do you protect your joints when running? Perhaps I could point you towards one of our recent blog posts that offers some ideas on how to avoid avoid joint injuries during exercise:

        Would love to hear what you think!

        Many thanks,

        Simply Supplements

      • iliketocount

        Looking at you post, I seem to do a few things right but more wrong! I’ve got to do a review soon on Regenovex products (which contain Hyaluronic Acid) which i’ve been using and seem to work for me, I take cod liver oil supplements (despite a largely vegitarian diet – my girlfriend’s veggie and I’m too lazy to cook meat very often!!) and I rest. But I rarely stretch, definitely never warm-up and don’t knowingly take vitamin supplements, hoping my diet is varied enough to suffice. It seems to work running just takes care of itself along with cycling and a mild weights regime.

  2. Slacking is a vital part of any training plan worth its salt.

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