Regenovex product review

A couple of months ago, while hurting through Janathon, I started trying a joint relief product called Regenovex. I linked to it a while back but have saved a review until I thought I’d have a better appraisal of benefit (or lack of) given a bit of time.

Well, here it is!

I’ve tried the patches, the capsules and the gel (as well as having tried a muscle rub produced from the same green-lipped mussel extract a few years ago) and I like them.

While I struggle, to be honest, to identify if the patches work beyond the immediate cooling and calming effect they give, I like the gel very much and am sure it worked beyond the levels of other joint products I have kicking around the house to instantly and (more importantly for me) permanently ease joint aches, pains and soreness. A rub over my knees and (pretty much all) lower leg joints has eased them superbly and an increasing pain in my shoulder now I’ve re-commenced weight training eased back as soon as I remembered I had product to use. Superb and recommended.

The capsules indicate that they take a while to build up in the body, much like cod-liver oil (my usual supplement since repeatedly breaking every bone available in my wrists as a young and reckless bloke…what fun times they were!). Since switching to the Regenovex capsules I feel every bit as good as on the old oil so I guess, again, I approve.

Much as I’d like to sound more balanced (read I feel I should list some drawbacks I’ve found but can’t since I’ve found none!), all I can say is that price will almost certainly, in the longer term, restrict me using the capsules but for my more immediate needs as a gel to ease focused problems, I’m happy to pay the price for the gel and it will be my permanent joint rub of choice from now on.

Recommendation enough, in my mind.

Can we have spring now, please, so I can up my mileage again?


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