Juneathon, Juneathon, Ra, Ra, Ra!

Yep, it’s that time of the year already. A month of exercise. No, more than that. All of my months include exercise. The ‘Athons make them special. January was a good month. Over 200 running miles is a record for me. And it’s not going to be repeated, unfortunately.

Last June saw me suffering broken ribs following a mountainbike crash at CwmCarn downhill track in Wales. Juneathon missed. This year, the run-in has been different. Wales was visited back in April with no crashes (in preparation for Morzine in the French Alps in July where there will be crashes but hopefully none too serious). I have, therefore, been out on the mountainbike a fair bit more than last year, but also the running has been better.

No massive mileage but I’ve settled in to 50/month, consisting of a midweek 4-5 mile hill run, a mid-week 5-6 mile interval run and a weekend 6-8 mile off-road run. Pace is reasonable and fitness high enough to be happy.

Weights have been thrown around the conservatory to keep upper body strength ready for the mountains. Strength is fine.

But Juneathon will be an attempt to cycle to work as much as reasonable, depending on the weather. It’s 15 miles of muddy country lane so won’t be attacked in the wet. As well as running everyday, albeit only short distances. 30 mile cycle days will be matched with 1 mile runs, hopefully allowing somewhere around 600 cycling miles and 75 running.

The Garmin took a full hour to do the download today. Hopefully that won’t become regular, but 3 miles cycled (to get petrol for the lawnmower) and 6 miles run around my favourite road loop have started the month well.

Roll on July.


One response to “Juneathon, Juneathon, Ra, Ra, Ra!

  1. Great start to Juneathon, I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of it shapes up for you

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