A quick statistical update. The last, I promise.

Today, my journey to work took 38 seconds longer than yesterday. My journey home took 1.98 seconds less. The 38 seconds dropped my pace to below 15mph. I’d be ashamed were it not for my dislike of early morning exercise (starting the ride, which takes an hour, at a little before 6am is early enough to be wrong for me), my tired legs and the wind combined with the uphill nature of the journey. The 2 seconds home are a surprise since I had to stop at two junctions where I didn’t yesterday.

The time was made up, almost certainly, on the approach to the Orbital Park roundabout. Downhill. Following wind. Top gear. All the cars, vans and artics that had passed me on the approaching quarter of a mile were slowing to give way for the roundabout. I was flying. I pulled into the middle of the road (it’s a dual carriageway, so I was between lanes of traffic as if filtering on the motorbike). I flew past everything that had passed me. The roundabout was looking clear. Traffic started to ease onto it. A Skoda Roomster appeared from the line of cars approaching the roundabout from the right. He was going straight over towards the lorry park. The cars in the queue stopped. I braked. I didn’t have the mountainbike’s 200mm hydraulic discs. I didn’t slow down much. If at all, in fact. I let off the brakes. I stood up. I pedalled with all my force and nipped out and around the last car approaching the roundabout and made it on, around and clear before the Skoda was at the bit you need to give way at. I pedalled home and changed my underwear. And made a mental note that road bike brakes are okay unless you’re going at proper road bike speed.

Then I went for my run. Which went badly. The first bit was better than yesterday, mainly due to shoe choice. Instead of my favorite ever (and now around 700 miles old) Mizunos I laced up my New Balance 890’s. They’re marvelous in their own right and the first 2.25 miles was a pleasure, around the local fields then the housing estate and cycle path towards Tesco. The bad bit was that I desired food to satisfy my hunger. Bananas were found easily. Bread (for work sandwiches) equally so. I dithered a bit around the fig rolls, checking they were vegetarian so JogBlog can have some (mind you, maybe it’d be better if they weren’t so she didn’t snaffle them all!) but then took aaaaages finding the malt loaf. I knew where it should be but kept walking past it. Once found and paid for, along with the bags of shopping (I balanced out the goods to allow an attempt at jogging; I didn’t take a rucksack, knowing that even if the bits all fitted, I’d have mashed banana and minced bread. Neither of which  like), I started out trying to jog the half mile home but gave up after a quarter. Simply had no energy in my legs, my arms felt weary and all desire for Juneathon had gone.

Hopefully batteries will be refreshed for the morning. They need to be. It looks as though the morning breeze will still be a headwind and it’s supposed to be twice the speed it was this morning. Two hour cycle commute, perchance?

Still, the mileage is increasing and I should crack 100 overall miles tomorrow, tantalizingly close to 100 for cycling already. Fingers crossed my energy holds up. If not, I may just drive in at 15mph average, Garmin held out of the window as only a knackered Juneathoner might.


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