Complete Disillutionment

With material possessions forces reluctant sale.

That was the late 1980’s small-ad spoof that caught my eye in SuperBike magazine in the good old days (when, amongst other things, I could remember everything I read/wrote/did).

The first two words sum up today. Eating breakfast this morning, watching Andy’s (the neighbour) flag mocking me with the wind strength and direction, I decided that instead of hating my life and cycling to work I’d spend the 45 minutes I had spare usefully measuring the glazing for the windows.

And the next 10 hours hating myself for abandoning the cycling to work challenge. Alongside loving the fact that June won’t be completely given over to non-productive exhaustion.

I don’t know what the rest of the month will feel like, but always one to keep an option open, when I got home I serviced the mountainbike before pedaling two miles to get some money to pay Steve for the chalet in Morzine in July followed by a solitary mile jogged around the local field.

And, of course, here I am blogging. So, while slightly soiled, Juneathon is still alive.



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