To crown it all…


I’m a bit miffed about this one. Of all my GPS shapes, it’s the roughest. I said to Jog-Blog as I was outlining the cross on the top that I ought to be going slower to allow the device to catch each of the points (it takes a point every 4 seconds. Previous drawings have included a deliberate hover over the corners to ensure crispness. Today, in the wind and the cold, I simply wanted to get it done. Should have left my coat on).

But it was a decent day. A 10 mile cycle against the wind (only spat my dummy out and sulked about it twice, though. Once every 5 miles is a good average for me!) resulted in a smashing lunch, followed by a pleasant journey up to the crown where the effort took place. A decent route back to the bikes lead to a very, very easy cycle home which almost shouldn’t count to Juneathon miles at all. About 14 pedal strokes were needed. If I’d had a larger jacket to use as a sail, the land-speed record might have been in danger.

Despite the lunch, I’m starving again (I guess burning 2,000 calories a day running and cycling through the week needs to be caught-up on) so tapas is about to be consumed.

Followed by a couple of pints of Flowers in the pub. I like Flowers. Not very strong, decidedly tasty, refreshing and never a hangover in sight as a follow up.




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