Long sleeves

Are still the order of the day. In mid June. Unbelievable.

After work today I went for a proper run and everything. My roundabout 6 miles loop from Hawkinge through many country lanes, up many hills, down an equal quantity, along a road which is to be closed on Monday for a day (I know this because the sign that read “Unknown Road” was posted at either junction from which it will be shut. The house on it might get post even less frequently than mine, which would be incredible.), up to the top of Etchinghill and back to Hawkinge.

The route included passing 5 cars, 4 push-bikes, two pedestrians with dogs, a mobility scooter with no-one in it and a field of cows with calves which I had to pause at to scratch the nose of one of the young Fresians which looked (and turned out to be) surprisingly friendly. The run contained no worries about muscles hurting, no wonder if I’d make it back, but lots of enthusiastic bouncy type running, the like of which only happens about three times a year. The only downside was the wind (on top of the hills it was particularly bad) and the muddy, wet roads which still haven’t dried from the winter (the four foot banks either side of the lanes don’t let evaporation get a chance with the showers).

If all runs were as pleasurable, everyone would do it. It was supposed to be an interval session but I was enjoying the outing too much to push. Intervals can wait for when I hate myself even more than now.

But if the weather doesn’t pick up, there’ll soon be one less idiot doing it when I retire. Come on, summer. You’ve fucked around enough now, two years sulking is enough for anyone. Just give us a lot less wind, a touch of sunshine and temperatures which dictate short sleeved tops and perspiration. Or have you forgotten how? Yep, that’ll be it. Ah, well. Roll on Autumn.


One response to “Long sleeves

  1. My thoughts exactly…’you’ve fucked around enough now’….

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