Two into one is going…

The spelling challenge of a blog in a keyboard with no letters continues…

Despite the late hour I got finished last night, a reasonably early start today allowed purchase of the last few bits to get my old hardtail mountainbike on the road as well as the bits to glaze the sashes in the new windows I’ve been making forever so, once food shopping was done, JogBlog’s rat-bike (£40 three years ago to get her to the station with no chance of anyone wanting to nick it while it is locjed up) was serviced and new brakes fitted (well, I say new. They were new 13.5 years ago, did two years service on the old mountainbike and have moved house twice with me, but they’re 28.5 times better than the brakes I removed) before my hardtail was buile up and tested.

And lo! The bike is still the best ever. Marvellous how old technology can make you feel so good.

Then one of the sashes had the glass fitted, it’s still to be finished (as are the other 13…) but it’s a start.

The I decided it was time to run, And set out for an hour on the Greensand Way towards Great Chart. Again the Garmion played up at the beginningm registering the first mile as well over 9 minutes in duration as well as beinf a looooong way around the field it’s usually at the beginning of, but since time was the target I wasn’t bithered, just plodding on regardless.

A vile, windy outing on lovely trails was book-ended by the wind making the most horrible, sawing, moaning, howling type noise through the power-lines around Knight’s Park and encouraged me that  a shower and rest was due.

But an hour outing is always good when it’s over.

As is reading this blog. But Juneathon is now half way through. And it looks like I’ve got to step up the mileage to achieve 100 (as well as finding time to upload my stats to Running Free), so tomorrow might well result in a slow 5 miler to help the cause. Unless the sashes get the better of me and the run gets shortened…

And the next blog will be on a keyboard I can use.


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