Cross…or just a little angry?

After a monumentally hot (with the emphasis on the mental) Thai meal last night (the right sort of hot, though. Marvelously well spiced and full of flavour but enough to make me hurt) a couple of pints lead to a conversation about running out of chalk monuments to map out. When an obvious answer was offered. The war memorial at Lenham. About half a mile from where I lived for 2 years, which I must have cycled past about 200 times. How I forgot it I’ve no idea, but it gave a destination today.


Frustratingly, despite checking the Garmin was within 15ft as I started, as well as hovering over the corners for a count of 4, the image wouldn’t be recognisable were it not for the background. But it’s a shape, it’s another chalk outline, so it makes 3 weekends out of 3 to me.

Doesn’t bode too well for my plans for the final weekend, though…we’ll have to see how that turns out!

Weights have also been thrown around the conservatory, so a not unsuccessful day after all.



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