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Summer running

In a long sleeved top.

Well, that’ll most likely be tonight. Once again, Hawkinge is bathed in gloom – clouds, Northerly winds (not a breeze; a proper wind requiring jumpers and everything) and temperatures not rising higher than mid-teens.


I can’t moan, though. On Monday I decided I’d not run since it was a bit warm, being 22 when I got in the car after work. Lovely. Tuesday sorted that, though, so I did run while it was around 18. And I took a camera. And my turnaround spot looked like this:


Almost worth running towards and not just because it means you’ve escaped the gravitational pull of Hawkinge when you can see it (it’s the view from the top of Etchinghill with Dungeness Nuclear Power Station in the background). The lanes all the way there are single car width and I take the less direct route of the three available to ensure they’re as little trafficked as possible. The view mid-way back home is almost as nice:


Were it not so hazy, that would be the coast of France in the distance. The only bad bit of this image is knowing it’s little more than a mile from The Shittest Place On The Planet. But at least it isn’t quite there.

So the run was pleasant enough, it kept my legs moving and was better than nothing. Tonight I plan some intervals over my 6 mile undulating route. Hopefully there’ll be a few interruptions in sheep, cows and horses to poke as I pass their fields, otherwise it’ll be a nice jog out followed by a reluctant return to the car before I escape the nasty town for another evening.

I need a holiday.

Quietly progressing

Life has been busy of late, even to the point of prioritising proper life (doing stuff, enjoying spare time and that), over Juneathon and the last week.

But exercise has been continuing.

I’ve missed out two weekends of long runs, though. One because of time, the other a combined problem of that and – at last – warm weather. I don’t perform well when the temperature exceeds 21C and yesterday was well above that, so a trip to the seaside combined with stripping the suspension on the mountainbike filled the day without a jog.

Still did weights in the evening, though, as a warm-down routine ready for the week ahead at work.

Runs have been good in the week, though. After work mileage has gradually increased so that, while I’m still only out twice the distance is ok. Monday saw 5.8 very hilly miles in a scenic route around the hills. Tuesday was weights in the conservatory. Wednesday was a mountainbike ride on the jumps and berms around Seabrook in preparation for the trip to Morzine in two weeks, Thursday was an interval session of 6.25 miles around Paddlesworth; it’s hilly and scenic and the splits were slow, what with uphill gradients in all the intervals at some points (the worst was 0.4 miles up a vile hill towards Etchinghill, averaging 7.15/mile – more average flat pace than interval!) but my breathing was pushed, so hopefully they’re keeping me fit. Friday was 15 mile mountainbike ride night, again on some superb hills – the climbing was rotten but the descents more than made up for them.

So the summer is here, I’m enjoying the weather and keeping fit without feeling a slave to running. It feels good for a change.

And this time last year was a few very easy runs following my broken ribs, so all in all I’m in a much better state than then. If I do enter any races as the year wears on, hopefully I won’t disgrace myself completely.

Roll on France…hopefully nothing will break but occasional online videos of the terrain and speed keep reminding me I’ll need to be on decent form while out there.

I’ve a little plan for a jog while in the Alps, too…