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Not one of my usual titles indicating injury, bad luck or the end of the universe for a change, just a tease about the subject of the post.
The Nuts Challenge.
There. Done it. It’s out of the bag.
Last Saturday (it’s taken a while to blog – Saturday was just gone, Sunday was a day of sore muscles, bruises and happily tired limbs trying to cram a weekend into a day and the week at work has been horrendously busy – I’d almost say more than usual) saw JogBlog and me heading over to Dorking to join around 2,000 people tackling one of the assault course type events that are becoming so popular. And if this one is anything to go by, I know why they are.
Previous experience of such outings haven’t been too fantastic – always a good cross country run ruined by an attempt to appeal to a group of people I clearly don’t belong to. The website for this one promised a 7km lap with over 100 obstacles – a good mix of running and stuff, I hoped. The video from March looked good, if cold. That’s where I fall out with a lot of the challenges – winters outside at work take the gloss off anything that promises hypothermia!
But it was August. And gorgeously sunny. And hot. What could go wrong?
The publicity I’d been sent showed lovely, clean athletes enjoying dryness and clear obstacles. A bit like this:
Looks smashing, doesn’t it? Can you guess it’s promoted by Betway?!
Well they’re onto a winner if they keep promoting events like this. I might even check out their facebook page.
Well, the reality is more this:
Nuts 2
Unless you’re JogBlog, when it’s more like this:
Nuts 3
Can you see her smile? Well? Can you? Complete with Girly Scream (she’ll kill me for passing that on!), it just about sums it all up.
A fantastic event.
A series of waved starts (with 40 minute intervals) ensured the course never got seriously busy despite quickly running into backmarkers from the previous wave. A short jog split our wave up and the scene was set by a series of gates to vault, ditches to jump (over or into, depending on energy levels and grip!), then the first water obstacle. Which set the scene for the future, what with stopping to pull fellow “competitors” up after you’ve had a hand yourself. It’s not a race. Which is great.
The challenges included deep ditches of chest height water, climbing up nets to get out. Climbing scaffold structures with nets and poles to slide down. Squeezing through barrels – some flat, some inclined, some ending in a 3ft ditch of clay filled water. Wading through thigh, chest and neck deep water (for a strapping 5’6″ fella such as me, at any rate!) while not being able to push on for fear of losing footing and full submersion – not a bad prospect in the temperature, except for wearing glasses! Then there were the nets to trawl through. The barb-wire stuff to crawl under. The clay to wade through. The water inflatables to clamber across. The bale wall to climb. The tyres set up as a car-wash to dive through. The tyres to carry up and down the hills. The water slide.
Simply fantastic, all of it.
Yes, I enjoyed it.
Yes, I’ll be doing it again. Preferably as a team – I loved the outing and was as exhausted as after a full-on 10k race, with upper body aches for two days after, but the laughter of the idiots in groups was infectious and the prospect of joking around the course is almost irresistible.
So – who wants to sign up? Filthy water, clay, mud, cold showers after and a great band to finish the day before visiting mum’s headstone on the way home.