Daily Archives: January 4, 2014

Swim, wade or crawl

I promised myself a trail run and that’s what I set out to do, albeit about a half hour later than intended. Which was a bit of a pain since it was hammering down with rain all the way around and pretty much pitch black (and not in the Vin Diesel film style, clever clogs!) once I got home.
But the run was fun. Out up the local lane to the Greensand Way where the first field was pretty much completely under water with three trees blown over with another two over the stiles at the exit. I fear the landscape is going too look a fair bit different next spring.
The next field was ankle deep water throughout, the two little bridges as slippery as eels, the next field so soft I think my vertical distance might match my horizontal!
Pretty much every ditch is overflowing and the last gate was more a hurdle to try to clear the half-shin deep water. I didn’t quite manage it. And then it really started hammering with rain,I had to take off my glasses, so useless were they and thus I turned tail for a repeat of the same to home.
With added dark too join my lack of eyes.
But it was so slow, my legs once more feel fresh as daisies and at least it wasn’t a dull road plod.
Shame the last field was so wet it cleaned my trainers so the photo is dark, useless and uninteresting.
Much like me, I hear you cry.
Fair point. Well made.
147, 100, 50.