Daily Archives: January 5, 2014

An extra activity

So I’ve been steadily plodding along around the 4 mile mark (a short first day means I’ve now just hit 4 per day average), aiming for 100 before month end. Yep, I’m being realistic that I’ll lose a few days with a cold/snow/aches and pains as usually happens. If not, I might get to 120.
Today saw me loop out towards Cheesemans Green – the next bit of rural Ashford to be blessed with a housing estate. It’s nice out there, fewer trees damaged by the winds, but I’m sure the view of a few hundred houses will spoil it before too long.
But aside from a couple of quick mile-long pedals to the local shop, running is all I’ve done.
Well now I can chalk up my first weights session of the year.
Nothing massive and no attempts to bulk up, you understand (I haven’t in the past 29 years I’ve been playing with them, anyway), just enough resistance to keep my arms slightly thicker than a pipe cleaner and enough repeats to get my heart pumping, to round-out my training from the runs and cycling. Certainly the strength is good for the unforeseen panic times on the mountains when I run out of talent!
And today only saw half a millimetre of rain in the gauge. It’s hammering down now, but that’ll be in tomorrow’s reading.
Along with half the water that’s running into the conservatory where I haven’t sorted the flashing out yet. That’ll be next weekend’s task, I feel.
146, 99, 50. Wonder if they’ll get to zero before the new year?