Sunshine on a Working Day

If there’s one thing worse than being weary, not enjoying the site you’re on, not having very good weeks and having to work a Saturday with no chance of either payment or the time off to make up for it, it’s all that plus having to do it while it’s a perfect sunny windless day.
But I’ll not really grumble since the air-tests went perfectly, I got some paperwork out of the way without the usual interruptions and then had an unexpected perfect winter run around the lanes.
My favourite route around Paddlesworth before going towards Denton then heading toward Elham before enjoying the rolling hills to Etchinghill and then back to Hawkinge.
A gentle pace, 6.5 miles, sun, warm and not a soul to be seen all the way around.
Guess it means it’ll shit it down with cats and frogs and blow a gale and freeze for the remainder of my outings now.
Or I could be less pessimistic and look forward to tomorrow. Yep, let’s do that.
140, 97, 49.


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