In times of Janathon and Juneathon I often think of the mighty Highway Kind. My reasoning today was the dawning realisation that, the longer I took crouched into daft positions on the conservatory roof replacing the flashing, the less chance I had of running.
The link to Running Matters? A few years ago (I can’t remember a blog from yesterday but I can from the distant past. Very odd) David was pondering how his father would react to his use of his leisure time to keep fit instead of his activities in the house/garden doing the work naturally. Well, I guess despite my promises to myself to run everyday, today was going to be one I couldn’t. Physical work was winning.
The run yesterday meant my legs were tight as they were bent double for the few hours but at least, after finishing just as light ran out, I had chance to stretch my aching back, tidy up the garage, eat and then throw the weights around the conservatory.
The run will wait until tomorrow evening.
140, 96, 49.


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