Daily Archives: January 25, 2014

Left it late again

A week with only one weights session and but a 3 mile jog on Wednesday was rescued by the amount of work I did on my windows.
Today I’d promised myself a 6 mile outing but wasn’t sure I’d make it. A morning cycle to buy a paper was interspersed by more window making and a little gardening (my water butt overflow diverter cobbled together from knackered inner tube, redundant washing machine hose and broken tap is a superb success). A spot of shopping after lunch meant I was going to cut the run to suit daylight hours rather than distance, wanting to avoid lit streets as I did.
But after a spot of country lane jogging as the light rapidly faded, my mind was elsewhere as I turned into the local housing estate and made a loop that brought 6 miles upon me with ease.
And a few minutes later a thunder storm and winds ridiculously strong from nowhere made me glad I didn’t let my mind roam anymore.
135, 94, 49