Still here

Time appears to be running away from me! Between running enough to keep me happy but not spending enough time to put in epic mileage, cycling once a week and throwing the weights around the conservatory a couple of times a week, I’m barely progressing with the house at all.
But my runs now back in Rye are super.
I’ve a pavement based 5 miler which is hilly and hard on the motivation. A jog along the Tillingham river when it’s dry, variable mileage but so scenic and peaceful. A quiet out and back to either Wittersham or Udimore which involves a marvelous hill and mileage between 4 and 7 depending on how keen I feel.
Variety through the summer is ace. And I’m injury free to boot. And sticking to my promise of no races, so have no mileage or pace pressure. Just selfish jogging when the mood takes me.
Which is what life’s about, no?
Might even post another blog before the year’s out if I’m lucky, who knows?!
109, 66, 40.

One response to “Still here

  1. It is great to run just for the fun of it. I do 10 miles three times a week through the suburbs of my city. I don’t have any races to get ready for, I just do it to enjoy myself. I put in my favorite music and enjoy the great summer weather.

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