Daily Archives: June 8, 2014

Still almost at it

Yesterday resulted in a jog around the local lanes to flog out 4 miles and remember what it’s like to run in decent warmth.
Warm, that’s what.
With two pauses to tweak my right ankle/heel/achilles which decided to announce a little pain around half a mile, then 3 miles into the jog.
Very annoying.
But enough to make me think twice about a run today, even though I was going to ease around the local bit of the Greensand Way, which is a shame to pass up when it’s dry.
So I popped out on the road bike for an extended route to buy some eggs from the local farm gate. I say local-there are several closer places but this one is still only 80p for 6 and, being tight, is my favourite!
Well it got me out on the road bike, at least.
96, 59, 35.