Saving crops and fixing fences

I had aimed for a simple 4 miles this evening, so set off for a jog alongside the Tillingham river.
Went out across the field of cows which were all in the far corner and thus distant from becoming too overbearing.
Which made the first bit a touch longer than the through the direct field route. Some omen there.
The next three fields were good, then came a surprise.
Sheep. Not surprising in themselves-the last field I jog is always full of them.
Only I wasn’t in the last field. I was still waist deep in wheat. Surrounded by sheep. Which were slightly more nervous about the situation than me. Like a class full of kids caught scribbling on the blackboard.
So as they started bounding about, I shooed then toward their right field. And tried to find how many were out. And see what damage they’d done.
Somehow they knew how and where to return quickly and filed through as fast as I could shepherd them.
Only to have to find a way to repair the fence. Hoping I’d got them all, of course.
Well three bits of rope later and another half mile jogged out and back and I confirmed they were all safely home.
Only to run back to the cows and find they’d crowded the gate again and that I had another half mile detour to get home.
So a brief 4 miles became more, harder, slower but overall a lot more fun.
Same again tomorrow?


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