Calves, cows and bulls

Plodded along the bottom of the hills towards Udimore tonight and the reason for the two trailer-containers of water became apparent. Cows of the Jersey variety have moved in.
Nice to have something else to observe for a few hundred yards, the low point of the outward journey was the stench now emanating from the decaying badger carcass.
Truly vile.
It was a touch humid, so the return was welcome to say the least.
And as I got to the cows, an interesting sound arose. Pausing to look, the lady cows and their young offspring (proper small, about the size of a Great Dane) were being protected by a rather huge bull. Which instantly trotted towards me, then raced me along the path. Beating of effortlessly. God help being a few miles into a run, being the other side of the fence and having to escape!
A nice jog, though. Very relaxing.
87, 57, 33


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