Sandgate seafront for a jog.

Made my way towards Folkestone today to see Dad and provide an alternative venue for a plod.
It’s been raining most of the day but brightened around 2 as I left home, which made it doubly upsetting as my chosen time/place was stuck under cloud and, around 4.30 and a couple of miles into my run, it started raining again.
Ah, well.
A dull route along the seafront from Spade House (HG Wells’ old residence) to the Hythe Imperial then back inland through SeaBrook since it was all but dark and night fishermen oddly concern me was a business-like, if not massively amusing, way to add 6 miles to my mileage.
Hips? Ruined, I fear. Sore as I left the car, painful after 4 miles, tight as hell as I finished. Stretching is ongoing.
Roll on tomorrow and the forecast frost!

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